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As the world 

Comes Alive!
About the Artist
     Craig R. Vierig is a contemporary abstact artist, began his involvement in art at a young age with the encouragement of his accomplished artist Mother, Margie E. Vierig.  Over the last  years this creative part of his life has come alive and exploded.  Traveling the world, creating ideas, seeing what excited him, have blue printed his unique form of Art.  From New York, Paris, Montreal, Venice, every country and city that he visits his ventures turned into fantastic art.  The art jumps off the canvases, glass, doors,  and musical instruments that he has created with vibrant colors and the deep dark serenity of his depression with colors of love.
     Until recently, he held his art to his own home, family, cherished friends and acquaintances.  When he was asked why he did this is was because he never wanted to have his art  judged, painted for his own satisfaction and created what he was feeling at different times of his life.  When the collection began consuming his home, office, families homes, his loving partner Sarah Therriault pushed him into letting the world in and discovering this artistic treasure.  Never have shown , sold, marketed any art of his own in anyway, he has just had given his art as gifts to the people he loved and appreciated.  Ms. Therriault motivated him into his first show at the Cottonwood Country Club, Art In The Afternoon, becoming the main sensation of the show.  Being accepted, months after the dead line, being the only artist of 25 not represented by any gallery,  placing his art to be seen for the first time was and to see it draw the crowds was unbelievable.  After several works were sold, it became apparent that this was an exciting beginning. 
     What sets his works apart from other fantastic artist is that he paints for the feelings of the moment, his feelings, total abandonment of colors, places that are not apparent, not for anyone but what he sees and things that make no sense until the final creation is viewed.  His art is stunning, eye opening and exciting to enjoy, it makes you think about your thoughts and what the artist had in his mind.  There are no prints, there are no copies, no paintings are alike, there is just what he felt, the colors he glanced at, the medium he was excited about and the materials that were need, at that time.  By that,  his paintings are flat, 3 dimension, with grass, dirt, sand, paint parts even the things that may fall on the art work before and during it's creation.   
    He paints on glass, wood, instruments, doors, interior walls and is excited with a special project of working on a grand piano.   It is exciting to see what fantastic project will he will come up with next.... and next and next...

"My eyes were made to erase all that is ugly."
                                           Raoul Dufy
Street Art
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